About Us

Goat Jump is more than a team; it is a tribe.


Just like the sore-footed symbol of our success, we jump on opportunities and land on elevated positions.

Our little tribe works together, bringing expertise from various backgrounds to deliver eCommerce development, marketing and tech solutions to a variety of industries.


We see a future in which all websites, apps and smart devices work well for businesses and customers.

We see a future in which technology is useful, intuitive and meaningful. We see a future in which we, Goat Jump, have played a part in creating the success of some of the world’s most powerful and influential businesses.


The Goat Jump tribe are committed to the success of improved technology for all.

We come together from various backgrounds, industries, education and experience to create a cohesive trip, committed to making the online world as easily accessible for users and profitable for businesses as possible. We are always upskilling. We are always seeking new developments. We are always committed to creating solutions.




Goat Jump Network is a visionary business group.

We listen to the needs of our clients, we work to find solutions, and we understand the complexity of digital marketplaces.

Working with our team means working with people who are experienced, engaged and excited. We believe we are visionary because we embrace a diverse background of people from around the world who have different skills, experiences, languages and views.

We have the edge over other eCommerce agencies because we really are global. We do more than make claims; we embrace a small team of professionals based on their skills and performance. If you want to work with a close-knit tribe, choose Goat Jump and land on solid ground.

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